Saturday, March 7, 2009

Such a bad blogger! LOL I guess I need to update my last few ADSR layouts. Assuming I remember which ones, seems so long ago, but I think there are just two more. Unfortunately, my partner and I didn't win the drawing. But we have a lot of great LOs to keep.

First up was an easy challenge. Take one person, living or dead and ask them one question. Use one photo that alone would help to explain what you are asking. And the only words on the layout can be the question. So I chose Walt Disney, of course. (Ironically, so did my partner.) I sometimes wonder what he would think of the direction his creation has taken. I suppose he would love some it, not so much love other parts of it. But he always wanted family entertainment - something to bring families together. Despite all the mocking of Disney, all of the bad press, all of the issues with partners - Disney still delivers what Walt dreamed about. A safe, fun place for families, whether it is the Disney parks or the Disney movies or the Disney channel. They remain true to their founders dream.
This photo is of a poster I have. It's a great one, with the barren land in Florida, the castle and Walt imaged together. Underneath it says "Vision" and "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" quote by Walt Disney. Being an optimist, I love this, really speaks to how I think.

Credits - Are you pleased?

Next up was an Intersection, where we were required to collaborate on another Layout. This time we were given a word art "we are storytellers" and we needed to document why we are storytellers etc. Ugh, this was not something I wanted to do. I just like to create, I don't want to think about why I do it. Anyway, we decided to do a dialog as if we were chatting. We did it thru emails though. I thought it ended up great. We decided it's the whole Disney thing - Walt being the master storyteller himself. And we both have very creative backgrounds. Bianca then set up the journaling and the background stuff/papers/flowers. I then added the photo and the embellishments around it, the title word art and the corner embellishments. Complete with Hidden Mickey. The photo is from a breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge in Sept 08. We were headed out on Disney cruise that day with a couple hundred of our Disney friends from the Internet. :-)

If you'd like to read the conversation, just click on the link to the Credits.

Credits - {we are} Storytellers

There is actually one more LO for the ADSR, but I only made it quickly to get the free kit. It was not a required LO. So I'm not going to post it because I'm not really pleased with it. Someday I will change it up a bit and post it here.

Hope you day is wonderful. Hugs, Nancy