Saturday, February 7, 2009

ADSR Week 5 and Word Art Freebie

I guess I'm a little behind this week, was kind of busy at work. New project, lots to do. But I did manage to get two pages done this week and have another freebie for you.

Challenge #9 was to create a page with more than one generation and include lace, metal, a scanned thing and flowers. So I scrapped this great c. 1934 photo of some family members from Norway. The gent in the center with the white beard and the hat is my great-grandfather, Hans August Ahlsen. The lady on the far right is his sister Gerda. She would have been nabout 50 in this photo, right around my age. I note her striking white hair. Precisely the same as mine. This is the second Ahlsen family member that I have noted with the prematurely white hair (not grey, mind you, white). And all females. Two men, Hans August here and his father Olaves both had very white beard (and both wore hats in the only photos I have). My grandfather, Hans Olaus, died before he reached this age and my dad, Harold, never grew a beard. Ah, the genes, the genes!!!!!!

Credits - Clan

Next up was a Roadblock - only one scrapper to complete. Since my partner did the first one - this was all mine. Challenge was to ask at least five questions of the race partner and then scrap a layout about it. This was the first one that made me nervous. I scrap Disney and my family, cats and flowers! LOL Not other people! Yikes. Oh, and we could only use two designers. So I picked a collab kit and went outside of my box - using extractions, blending and "art" type elements. I knew I would get great answers from Bianca and wasn't disappointed!

Credits - What's in a Name?

So this will be the last week of ADSR and I'm kinda sad. Will need to be sure to continue to scrap at least two pages a week. Oh and I've been taking Project 365 photos since Jan 1st, so I will be able to catch up and start posting them.

In the meantime, a freebie Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust Word Art from my earlier Tinker Bell layout. Easily recolored, I am giving you both a vertical (in purple) and horizontal version (in black). Just didn't have time to convert the purple to black. Hope you enjoy it. Please give credit to Nancy at LilyFG Designs if you use it, and please do think about sending me a copy. And I would like to thank Brittney of Britt-ish Designs for the inspiration to make the word art for my layout.

Have a magical day!

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Link Expired!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ADSR Week 4 and Word Art Freebie

I decided to make this word art from my "Angel Mother" layout that I posted a couple of weeks ago. This quote is so meaningful for me. I believe that the spiritual beings live among us, and in particular, my Mom's is very close to me. I know of her presense, I feel it deeply. She is truly my Angel Mother. She has been gone from this earth for 11 years now and I still miss her so much.

I also am still updating on a few layouts I've finished. First up is ADSR #7. You may note that I skipped #6, because it was a roadblock and my partner completed it. I'll catch up with some of hers later (and another freebie).

This layout involved using all of the item in a mini kit. I'm not sure if it was because I was on vacation when I did this, but I just couldn't make my mind work with the colors. Or maybe I was just too lazy to look for photos! Or maybe I just wanted to use my own kit! LOL Anyway I tried my hand at recoloring. This photo just doesn't do the cardinals justice (there are two in the right circle of the ribbon and one in the left). I think I will perform a little redo on this someday and get them to pop out more, but right now I'm just not skilled enough with photo editing. We had a huge huge all day snowstorm, the kind where the snow blows sideways. Birds came to our back door all day long in the snow, they could hardly fly against the wind. I kept throwing seed outside, and the snow would cover it. We had about 6 cardinals at all, but the most I ever got in a photo was these three. We also had juncos ("junk dealers" DH calls them), three kinds of sparrows, mourning doves ("dubs" also from DH) and a few other types of birds.


The second challenge last week was to scrap an "idols" layout. So I chose Brittney of Britt-ish Designs. I love her store (own most of it.....) especially the Disney stuff. I also love her style, the clean lines and great clustering. So here is my take on her layout that is located here. You may want to check back for another word art freebie that is growing out of this layout. You can probably guess, huh?


All of you Disney lovers should also check out Britt's store for the awesome Disney kits. And if you find her blog, she has a Show Off feature every week where you can submit a layout that uses her product and she'll give you a giftie for it! They are awesome of course.

You still with me? Now for the word art freebie. This is my first one so be kind OK? Thanks to my friend Bianca for helping me understand how to make this file from my layout. I made in black, but it is easily recolored. On my layout, Angel Mother is in red. You can recolor in a snap with the eye dropper/paint bucket (I only know PSE, so sorry can't help you with any other program.) If you use the word art, please give credit to me as Nancy of LilyFG Designs. And of course, I would love to see your layout. Who knows, I may even post it here.

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