Saturday, January 31, 2009

ADSR Week 3, Disney World for my Birthday

So I've been on vacation - off to Disney World for my birthday. We left on 1/21 and returned on 1/27. It was very cold in Florida the first couple of days - it got down to 33 at night and we had frost in the morning! Brrrrrrrr. But, we were at Disney! Cold at Disney is better than cold in Maine! Oh and when it was 37 when we got up that first day, it was 23 in Maine. LOL

We flew over a huge storm on the way back, landed in Philly just as it was about to start there, and then it travelled up the coast and dumped about 8" on us up here in Maine in a very nasty snowstorm/ice storm. I hate it when it rains after a storm and then everything is just a sheet of ice for a couple of days. Luckily it was warm enough to melt the ice the last couple of days.

So, catching up on my layouts for ADSR, we have #5. I did this one before I left for Florida. The challenge was to use three frames and no photos. You didn't have to journal, but I had written this about my cat when we euthanized here back in April 07 and I knew I had to record it somewhere on a page. Whitney was such a cute cat, she used to carry stuff around the house and cry over it. Indoor kitties get the strangest habits and hers was just a reflection of her need to hunt.
The vet came to the house to euthanize her and told me that it is been observed that surviving cats often take up a habit of a cat who leaves. Since Whitney's habit was so prominent (every day, several times a day she would cart a pen or something small), she said she bet Winston would start carrying pens. I said no way, he's never done anything remotely like that and isn't even vocal.
Well, he didn't. Carry pens, that is. He carries socks! The exact same way as she did. Crying all the time. Several times a day. Usually when we are not home, but sometimes when we are there. Like we came home Tuesday and he carried FOUR socks in about 30 minutes. Welcome home Mom and Dad! LOL Oh and he will drag a shirt, even my husbands skivvies. It's really hysterical. I like to ask him if he is channeling Whitney. LOL

OK, so enough of that story, here is "waiting for us at the Bridge"


And here is my little girl in another layout I did last year. I love tuxedo cats.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three Layouts!

I finished 3 layouts in the last 3 days. Sweet! Funny that they all have one photo, and in the lower right corner. All three were for challenges at Enchanted Studio Scraps, a new store. Two were mini kit challenges (have to use everything in the kit) and one was a speed scrap.

First mini kit, these birches are in my neighbors back yard. We had an ice storm in December, not as bad as the one in 1998, but still a lot of damage. I stopped the car in the middle of the street and hopped out with my camera to snap this pic.

Credits Ice Storm

Then last night a speed scrap, where you are given seven instructions over one hour and then have another hour to complete the LO. I kind of fell into the red/pink with this because I was trying to us an ESS kit and this was all I had. But I think it came out very well. I like speed scraps because of how they make me do different things than I would on my own.

And then today, I took on the second mini kit and believe me, that purple cow was torture thinking about how to use it. I almost took a picture of my yogurt cups (Stonyfield Farms) but then decided to go with Winston sleeping, since there was a purple cover in that pic. Do you like my cow jumping over the moon? I made the moon myself :-)

Credits Slumber Kitty

Speaking of slumber kitty, he is lying half in my lap, half on my laptop as I type.

Off to watch for the next ADSR Challenge!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ADSR Week 2 again

I've been working all night on this challenge. I just had to finish it while the idea was in my head. The challenge was to 1) use "art" meaning ephemera type stuff and arty elements/papers etc. So I have the wings, the blending in the background and the little dolly, the birdcage. I think those qualify. and 2) journal from the heart. So that had to be about Mom. I combined this with a couple of other challenges - the Roadmap at Scrap Matters and the letter A at Enchanted Scraps.
I must say, I think this is my best work to date. Although it still takes me way, way, way too long. I'm just too fussy I guess!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

ADSR Week 2

Just finished the next ADSR challenge - this one was to take one of my galleries, select the oldest layout in the gallery and them rescrap it! I knew immediately what I would do, as I was planning to re-do this one anyway.

This is my very first digital scrapbook page, created in Dec '07. It is painful for me to look at!

Credits: December 2007 Challenge Kit at DigiByDesign. Vladimir Script Font

And this is my rescrap. Much better!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Edward Cullen - Robert Pattinson Layout

I made this for my 13 year old granddaughter at Christmas. We saw the Twilight movie together after Thanksgiving and then I started reading the books. She had seen the movie three time and watched it on the internet a few times. I asked her and her friend why they were seeing it so much and they said, in unison "Edward Cullen!!!!!".

There were a few Twilight kits that came out around then too, so I decided to make her something she could use as wallpaper.

One of the fonts used is called Porcelain. I thought that was appropriate for a man with cold, hard white skin! LOL


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ADSR Week 1

Well, well. I guess I'm not very successful as a blogger! Last year I had surgery in March and went through a long recovery. Although I was housebound, I was not too active and spent the majority of my computer time making scrapbook pages. Occasionally I thought I should really blog about my recovery, but it was depressing, so I chose to do happier things! So I'm hoping my post counts will increase a bit over the next few weeks as I chronicle my Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race Pages.

I'll bet most of you who wander over here know what that is already, but for those of you who don't know, this is a cyber-race hosted by Natural Designs in Scrapbooking . Teams of two scrapbookers race around the digi-world, completing two digital scrapbook pages per week and collecting prizes along the way. Just like on TV, there are roadblocks and detours and even intersections (where you both complete one layout together.)

So here is the layout I completed for the first challenge. This kit is from one of my favorite designers - Brittney of Britt-ish Designs. And of course, my chosen topic is Disney, this time my grand-children from a trip in April 2007. The rules for this challenge were to rip/tear a photo into at least three pieces (I chose to hang them from the little ribbon there) and there had to be journaling.

The second layout this week was an Intersection. We had to do a layout about Cabin Fever. My race partner lives in Washington State and I live in Maine. We both had huge snowstorms at about the same time so decided to go with that theme (our other choice was a cruise cabin - from a cruise we went on in Sept 08, Disney of course). We had to use specific numbers of items, like 4 papers, 8 elements, 3 photos. And we had to collaborate on the layout. Our styles are very complimentary don't you think? Credits for the two kits used go to sussieM_designs and Peta Boardman.

OK, so I'm off to continue reading Eclipse before dozing off. Thanks for visiting!