Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three Layouts!

I finished 3 layouts in the last 3 days. Sweet! Funny that they all have one photo, and in the lower right corner. All three were for challenges at Enchanted Studio Scraps, a new store. Two were mini kit challenges (have to use everything in the kit) and one was a speed scrap.

First mini kit, these birches are in my neighbors back yard. We had an ice storm in December, not as bad as the one in 1998, but still a lot of damage. I stopped the car in the middle of the street and hopped out with my camera to snap this pic.

Credits Ice Storm

Then last night a speed scrap, where you are given seven instructions over one hour and then have another hour to complete the LO. I kind of fell into the red/pink with this because I was trying to us an ESS kit and this was all I had. But I think it came out very well. I like speed scraps because of how they make me do different things than I would on my own.

And then today, I took on the second mini kit and believe me, that purple cow was torture thinking about how to use it. I almost took a picture of my yogurt cups (Stonyfield Farms) but then decided to go with Winston sleeping, since there was a purple cover in that pic. Do you like my cow jumping over the moon? I made the moon myself :-)

Credits Slumber Kitty

Speaking of slumber kitty, he is lying half in my lap, half on my laptop as I type.

Off to watch for the next ADSR Challenge!

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