Monday, March 22, 2010

Raspberry Road Layout and Freebie

Well, it's been a while hasn't it! I've been very busy with a change in my job, plus I've been a little ill the past few weeks. Not feeling up to par, over-medicated on thyroid hormone and now, today, I have a cold! Blah!

On the bright side, the weather in Maine has been fabulous the past couple of weeks, actually getting over 60 this weekend. I've already been working in the garden and the daffodils are blooming - this is the earliest I've ever seen them bloom. And yesterday - five turkeys walked through my back yard. I'm not in the country!!!! My neighborhood has lots of houses and these guys just strutted through. When they got to the end and the neighbors fence, they flew up to the top of my fence and hopped over to the yard behind me.

So here's a new layout made with Susan's kit - The Old Tackle Box. She released it a few weeks ago and I had grabbed it with this photo in mind, but the old mojo was gone, so just getting back into feeling creative.

And then I created a little frame cluster for you. Click the image to go get it!