Friday, August 21, 2009

"Fish are Friends" New Kit by Britt-ish Designs

Hey I'm back! I have four layouts today for kits that are being released! First up is for Britt-ish Designs at Scrap Matters

Britt's new kit is Fish are Friends, take a look at this beauty!
And here are my layouts! I'll be back later today to add the credits when I post them in a gallery. The first one is Crushes' Coaster At Disneyland Paris - look at that wait time! I love the way this looks like the turtles are on the EAC!!!
The second one is my DH, Me, SIL and BIL in Feb 2008 at Epcot
Next kit is Pocketful of Templates 3.

I found these pics of me as a baby and knew Britt's kit Tiny Cowgirl would be perfect. Then she announced she would release this perfect template! What more could a cowgirl want? Am I cute with my daddy or what?
OK Next this kit is being released by Irene Alexeeva at Scrap Orchard - Whispers
And my layout is the Lost Treasure. This was part of the Fairy Garden at Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival in April '09 and is Tinker Bell's Balloon - made of cotton and powered by pixie dust! LOL I think this came out awesome, I really love it. I took that photo and extracted the balloon and then cloned out all the people in the backgound (as well as an ugly pink backpack) and then blurred it. Came out lovely I think. Then I put that old frame over it. Hmmm Maybe I should have distressed the photo too. Maybe I'll go back.......

Hey I'll be back this weekend with more Scrap Orchard loveliness that I've posted recently and also another LO for Britt. Plus I may just have a freebie template to post!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm Yours Kit by Britt-ish Designs

Finally back with an update, I'm just so busy with CT commitments now, that I've been neglectful of getting posts about them onto my job. So my half year resolution (is there such a thing?) is to post more of my layouts here and talk about my CT kits.

Lots has changed in my CT world. My commitment to ESS was done at the end of June. And the Supreme Team gig was to be over at the end of July, but they asked me to stay on for two months, so I accepted. I have to say, I have been assigned some kits that I thought ???? what am I gonna do ???? Not the usual kits I would buy, but I've found it stretches my imagination and my skills to work with ones that are out of my comfort zone. So I"m very happy for that, I've got a lot of great LOs done being on the Supreme Team.

Mid-June I started the Honey Bee Creative Team contest at Scrap Orchard. Much to my shock after 3 weeks of making the cut, I made it once again on the 4th week and am now a Honey Bee. I am trying to work my commitments into my days but the work is worth is as after I have done my 3 layouts for the month, I can choose anything from the shop. Wow! Kid in a candy store!!!! My Wish List is HUGE! I'm only taking what I can use and make sure I create something with each item. But it's making me more productive for sure!

And then - most excitingly (new word, Google it....) I applied for Britt-ish Designs Britt Girls. I really would like to be on a designer team and she is my #1 choice! While I didn't make the team, she did offer me a guest spot for August, so I'm happily there, if not just for the time being. I can still hope for a permanent spot someday! My assignment there is one layout per week with her new product and then a layout with whatever I take from her shop. I have Totally Buggin in my Britt folder now, waiting to be scrapped!

So being up to date now, here is the first kit assignment from Britt and my layout. This lovely collab with DeCrow Designs I'm Yours and the I'm Yours Word Art Pack.

And here is my layout with the kit. This my nephew Greg and his wife Jenny. They are expecting their first child on 9/9/09. For the photo, I used a gradient map to change to B&W, then I extracted them because the background was distracting. Then I used a gaussian blur on the background. The result was too sharp for the soft colors, so I made a distressed overlay so soften it up. I really liked the results.
Credits for Wedded Bliss

OK so now that I'm back, I hope I can do this - um - at least once a week? Ha - I don't want to go crazy and commit to twice a week! Hopefully I get on here soon and dress up my Blog with the blog stuff I bought months ago. Hmmmmm. Don't even know where to start!

Hugs, Nancy

Monday, August 3, 2009

Still here!

Well, OK, so i've been a bad blogger once again. I'll be back with a new post this week, but for now, I'm taking down the links for the freebies! They've been up a long time, so it's time to say good-bye!