Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ADSR Week 1

Well, well. I guess I'm not very successful as a blogger! Last year I had surgery in March and went through a long recovery. Although I was housebound, I was not too active and spent the majority of my computer time making scrapbook pages. Occasionally I thought I should really blog about my recovery, but it was depressing, so I chose to do happier things! So I'm hoping my post counts will increase a bit over the next few weeks as I chronicle my Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race Pages.

I'll bet most of you who wander over here know what that is already, but for those of you who don't know, this is a cyber-race hosted by Natural Designs in Scrapbooking . Teams of two scrapbookers race around the digi-world, completing two digital scrapbook pages per week and collecting prizes along the way. Just like on TV, there are roadblocks and detours and even intersections (where you both complete one layout together.)

So here is the layout I completed for the first challenge. This kit is from one of my favorite designers - Brittney of Britt-ish Designs. And of course, my chosen topic is Disney, this time my grand-children from a trip in April 2007. The rules for this challenge were to rip/tear a photo into at least three pieces (I chose to hang them from the little ribbon there) and there had to be journaling.

The second layout this week was an Intersection. We had to do a layout about Cabin Fever. My race partner lives in Washington State and I live in Maine. We both had huge snowstorms at about the same time so decided to go with that theme (our other choice was a cruise cabin - from a cruise we went on in Sept 08, Disney of course). We had to use specific numbers of items, like 4 papers, 8 elements, 3 photos. And we had to collaborate on the layout. Our styles are very complimentary don't you think? Credits for the two kits used go to sussieM_designs and Peta Boardman.

OK, so I'm off to continue reading Eclipse before dozing off. Thanks for visiting!

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